f#&% self reflection

I think I came off a little too strong on the last post. I’m not trying bear trap this guy, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t totally smitten by him. Thus, countering all these feelings of insecurity and doubt by trying to keep my options open so I don’t get too attached to something that has the stability of America under the Trump reign. Picture of healthy dating right here.

That’s all to say, this online dating business is really revealing about who you are as a person. And who you think you are as a person.

for example, as of late, I’ve been wondering: am I a gold digger? I never considered myself as one. I grew up in a somewhat privileged home. I’ve always had real Fruit Loops for breakfast (none of the generic brand “Fruity Spins” or whatever). My toilet paper was  minimum four-ply (that stuff was so soft, what the hell). My parents are financially responsible and while they are frugal in practice, they still have a healthy dose of expendable income. What I’m saying is this: I’m not as concerned about trapping myself a breadwinner as say, Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman. I make a decent living and if somehow something unfortunate befalls on me, I think my parents love me enough to help me out financially.

BUT DESPITE ALL THAT, I find myself swiping left on almost all teachers, bartenders, and “entrepreneurs”  with very un-investment worthy photos. This makes me wonder – What does this say about me? Am I just looking out for my future offspring or is that inner, dormant desire to be a hot yoga mom stronger than I think?


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