f#&% open relationships

All good things come to an end“. That’s what people say.

But you know what else comes to an end? Seemingly Good Exciting things that turn out to be actually Very Bad Things also come to an end. And when they do – sometimes you’re not quite sure how you feel about it. Do I want this good-bad thing to end, you say? What a crazy question to ask right? Of course I should want a bad thing to end. But at the same time – why do I want this bad thing to last just a little bit longer? Cue: Selena Gomez’s The Heart Wants What It Wants

So why am I such a ball of anxiety ridden emotion?

Few days ago, went over to Mr Bitcoin’s place (Bad Idea #1) and in between some conversations, found out that he has some sort of f#&%-buddy situation in NYC. Right. Makes total sense. Why would I expect any less from someone who has some private jet subscription and lounges in Members Only clubs? I feel super silly.

I don’t want to be this Portland side girl. Right? I think I have enough self respect to say that. Women shouldn’t be okay with sharing. Sharing is 100% not caring in this scenario. Bye, Bye, Bitcoin.

I wonder if he’ll want to be friends?   


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