f#&% neediness

Remember my last post where I was all blissful because I was happy with Crypto$Man? Well being happy with someone causes you, well, I guess, technically, me, to be really needy. I just want too much of a good thing, ya know?

I am feeling so clingy that I’m needing to quickly pen together a blog post to continue distracting my fingers from sending him another text in fear of looking desperate and uncool. Obviously my job isn’t stimulating enough (as evidenced by why I started this entire blog in the first place – before the contents completely transformed into a mind dump of all my insecure, unstable, should-be-private thoughts).

Anyway, I did that crazy girl move where you pull up a calendar to see how many days it’s been since you last saw your crush? It’s been 4. He’s going to be gone for about 349085720 more. & then he’s going to come back and we are probably going to break up because our conversations are already dwindling.

I’m never going to survive.

Never going to survive, life, I mean.


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