f#&% changes

It’s been eons since I’ve written. But to be fair, my life has been really busy. For starters, I moved. I still can’t believe it actually happened. But now, I officially live on the East Coast. Washington, D.C. to be exact. I think ever since I entered into my mid-twenties (and now arguably the beginning of my late twenties), I’ve lived practically every moment of my life in a state of incredulousness.

I can’t believe I live in D.C. I can’t believe I did online dating. I can’t believe I made out with strangers. I can’t believe I have a heart condition. I can’t believe I had heart surgery (will touch on this maybe in another post). Total disbelief.

As for love? It’s still as complicated as always. On paper, I am single, though Cryptoman is still in my life. The new-car-smell portion of the relationship has worn off and I’m no longer as impressed/blind as I was before. But, I still like him. Instead of spending days oogling after him – I just mostly wonder why I like him & why I let myself be stuck on him. Romantic, right?

As for my job – I still basically work the life of Office Space. The people are better, the commute is better, but my lust after a creative side hustle has only grown. Until that works itself out, I will continue to complain to you all. Sorry.


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